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Title: What a Bitch Wants (what a bitch needs)
Rating: NC:17 - seriously!
Warnings: Bestiality, dub con, possible non-con, puppy play, humiliation, dirty talk, face-fucking, spitting, cock-cages, face-slapping, spanking, bottom Jensen.
Word Count: 5,800
Pairing: Jensen/JDM/Misha  Jensen/OMD
Summary/Prompt: Jensen enjoys being Misha and Jeff's puppy, but when they come up with the fantasy of him being fucked by a real dog, he rejects the idea completely. They don't mention it again, so he thinks it was just a heat of the moment fantasy.
But actually they've been biding their time, and when the three take a vacation to a cabin, they wait until Jensen's collared and fully in puppy mode and then bring out a real dog.
Lots of humiliation and dirty talk, with Jeff and Misha really getting off on Jensen being the dog's bitch.

A/N: This is utter fiction, and completely unrealistic obviously. Just need to stress that though. I tagged this as dub con because Jensen could object and doesn't, however it could very well be seen as non-con, so if the prompt squicks you at all then please don't read.

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Adored 2/3

Apr. 10th, 2012 08:00 pm
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Title: Adored
Pairing: Jeff/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Spanking, Cbt, D's
Summary: Jensen is so alone. He hates living in the city, hates being invisible, hates that his shyness means that no one knows him. Lately though, Jensen has felt someone watching him, it doesn't feel menacing or dangerous, it almost feels fond. It is still weird. Then the notes start coming - the notes speak to knowing what Jensen needs, to Jensen desire to be seen, to Jensen's beauty, to how Jensen would be lovely in submission to a proper Master.

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