Feb. 14th, 2015

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Fic Title: The Prince's Protector - Part Three
Fandom/Genre: SPN RPS
Pairing: Jeff/Jensen
Rating: NC:17 - eventually!
Warnings: overall warnings - au, hurt Jensen, bottom Jensen, violence, minor character death
Summary: In a society populated predominately by doms and switches, Prince Jensen's parents, determined to find their son - a rare and beautiful sub - a worthy marriage partner, throw a grand Valentine's ball inviting royal and noble suitors from far and wide. Prince Jensen, however, has already set his heart on a husband much closer to home. Now all he needs to do is persuade his parents, the court and his future husband that he has made the right decision... and avoid the unwanted attention of the not-so virtuous doms with their sights set on him!

So, this is part three of my very nearly abandoned Jeff/Jensen fic. It's been so long since I updated this story that it's downright embarrassing, and apologies just seem inadequate. This part might not be perfect, but I've been messing around with it for weeks and if I don't post it now, I never will.

Part four is very nearly finished, and should be posted within the week. I'm not promising that this story will be updated weekly, but I am promising to finish it.

Part One   Part Two   AO3

The Prince's Protector, part three.. )


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