Jan. 1st, 2015

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Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a fantastic Hogmanay and a great start to 2015.

I slept my way into the new year, which was a first for me, but as I am hangover free and feeling good today, I can't say that I mind too much. I was supposed to be working today, but a last minute change of plans left me with the day free so, well, I wrote J2 schmoop. Hopefully this is the start of a productive 2015, but I wouldn't bet on it ;)

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful year and hoping that at least some of your dreams come true.

Title: Haste Ye Back
Fandom: RPF AU
Characters/Pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2833
Warnings: kid Jensen, kid Jared and lots of schmoop!
Disclaimer: don't own, please don't sue, no harm intended

Summary: A little J2 schmoop for the New Year!

Jensen had been looking forward to tonight so much. New Year’s Eve and they were having a party. Everyone was going to be there, all his family - his mom, dad, older brother Josh and of course his baby sister. A lot of the neighbors too, including the Padaleckis...and Jared. Jensen sniffs again and licks the dampness from his lips, the taste of salt creeping onto his tongue. He wonders what Jared is doing now. If he knows that Jensen has run away. If he's worried. If he cares. If anyone cares. He doubts it. They probably haven't even noticed he's gone.

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